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Abrasive Eco Blast Cabinets

Standard Cabinet type Blaster are used for blasting of small components which can be loaded into the chamber and blasted manually by the operator standing outside the cabinet with the use of hand holes and view glass.


Suction Blast Cabinets

Sandstorm suction cabinets cost less and are simpler than pressure cabinets. They also blast continuously without the need to stop for media re-fills. The blasting velocity is much lesser when compared to a pressure system although production rates are not so high. When initial cost and maintenance are primary concerns, the suction system is a good choice. They come in the following models:-


Model No. Working chamber size in(mm)
SEC-SB-6060 600(W)X600(L)X600(H)
SEC-SB-9090 900(W)X900(L)X900(H)
SEC-SB-12090 1200(W)X900(L)X900(H)

Pressure Blast Cabinets

Sandstorm Pressure Cabinets are used for cleaning tough jobs, pressure blasting delivers higher abrasive Velocity for faster impact and intensity, when compared to suction blasting, and can increase your production rate 3 times. They come in the following models:-



Model No. Working chamber size in(mm)
SEC-PB-9090 900(W)X900(L)X900(H)
SEC-PB-12090 1200(W)X900(L)X900(H)
SEC-PB-150120 1500(W)X1200(L)X900(H)

Wet Blast Cabinet

Sandstorm wet blast cabinet has the ability to use very fine abrasive-as fine as 5 micron. Fine abrasive particles are mixed in water and then pumped to a nozzle as slurry, the slurry is introduced to compressed air in the blast gun and the wet blasting takes place on the job. The glandless slurry pump is used to feed the slurry at positive pressure into the blast gun. The pump is corrosion resistance. Wet blast cabinets are used for de-bering intersecting holes in precision parts which are inaccessible by any other method. The finest machined surface can be super finished without damage to sharp edges and exact tolerances and for degreasing and finishing of various aero and automobile components. They come in the following models.

Wet Blast Cabinets
Wet Blasting Machine Inside View


Model No. Working chamber size in(mm)
SEC-WB-6060 600(W)X600(L)X600(H)
SEC-WB-9090 900(W)X900(L)X900(H)
SEC-WB-12090 1200(W)X900(L)X900(H)
SEC-WB-I50120 1500(W)X1200(L)X900(H)

All above machines are fitted with inbuilt dust collectors/Mist collectors for dust extractions and filtration.

Optional accessories for above models:

 Manual/Motorized Turn Table

 Manual/Motorized Job trolley

 Motorized Tumble basket

 Track extension for Job trolley

 AC Drive for speed variations

Common Applications

 Removes rust – mill - heat scale and carbon buildup from metals

 Strip paint, powder coating, plating, and anodizing from parts for rework

 Eliminate burrs, parting lines, flashings, and other defects from castings and injection-molded parts

 Extract residual sand from castings

 Beautify mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals with a uniform matte finish

 Etch artwork and lettering into glass, stone, plastics, metal and other materials

 Clean release agents and material buildup from molds