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Special Purpose Blasting Machines

Costume made automated abrasive blasting systems from Sandstorm.

IO OD Blasting for aircraft landing gears

Shot peening machine for 3D printed jobs

Automatic crank shaft grit blasting machine

Automatic strip grit blasting machine pass through type for boiler manufactures.

Automatic stainless steel plate sandblasting machine
Plate size 1500mm (w) x 8000mm (L)
Plate thickness 10-60mm

Semi-automatic vertical MS plate blasting machine (LOW COST MACHINE) for ship building, earth moving equipments and other heavy fabrication industries.
Plate size 2000mm(W) X 8000mm(L)
Plate thickness 10-60mm

Automatic Oscillating tumble basket blasting machine.

Automatic interlocking concrete paver shot blasting machine pass through type.

Semi automatic Pass through blast room system (Low Cost System) for blasting of per-fabricated steel building columns.