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Paint Spray Booth Systems

Sandstorm manufactures low cost economical paint booth systems for industrial needs. Sandstorm paint booths are dry and wet type with down and side draft systems. The paint fume extraction fans are of high quality and are made in-house and the filter fabric used is of a very high quality ensuring high performance, low maintenance cost and is field proven.

Standard pre-assembled low cost paint booth sizes:


Model No. Working chamber size in(mm)
SEC-PSB-3030 3000(L) X 2500(W) X 2500(H)
SEC-PSB-3040 4000(L) X 2500(W) X 2500(H)
SEC-PSB-3050 5000(L) X 2500(W) X 2500(H)
SEC-PSB-3060 6000(L) X 2500(W) X 2500(H)