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Tumble Blast Systems

Tumble Blast systems are usually used in the blasting of small components which are loaded into the tumbler in batch quantities while the components are tumbling the blasting goes on simultaneously through nozzles which results in the complete coverage of the components. The Tumbler can be of a belt tumbler, tumble basket or a drum type tumbler. Only the loading is done manually and the rest of the operation is automatic, these are basically special purpose machines (SPM) designed as per customer requirements.

Oscillating Tumble Blast
Heavy Duty Tumble Blast

Blasting Process On
Model No. Tumbler capacity in kgs.
SEC-PB-9090TB 15-20
SEC-SB-9090TB 10-15
SEC-PB-1100TB 50 -70
SEC-SB-1100TB 40-50
SEC-PB-10000TB 50 -60